Christmas Pictures 1999

These pictures were taken on Christmas morning, 1999. Isabeau is 5 months old, and Ignazio is 10 months. Photos were taken by Mark Wintle using a Minolta X700 35mm camera, Kodak 400 speed color print film and scanned using an HP 4c flatbed. Images cropped using Graphic Converter and laid out using PhotoPage on a Macintosh G3 computer. Check out other pictures of the babies at their Ragoll Web page.

793 x 537
Isabeau through the screen. Some frost on the window.

783 x 535
She has a little old man chin. Appropriate for an Oriental breed, I suppose.

787 x 530

788 x 535

543 x 784
Martha Stuart has a color in her collection called Himalayan Blue. She has Himalayan cats, and the color chip matches Isabeau's eyes perfectly.

501 x 519

534 x 787

787 x 534
Yes, it's true. Ignazio really is THIS gorgeous.

783 x 535
One parenting debate we've had is the on-the-table rule. He's good at following most rules, but the view from the table in the kitchen is so good that he just can't resist. There are wraparound windows and a lot of woods. So we changed the rule. They still aren't allowed on the counter.

790 x 538
Note his whiskers in this picture. We should lease out space on him for a cell site, since he has such an antenna farm there already.

784 x 534

787 x 535
Note the candle flame. This picture illustrates another parenting debate. I wanted him to learn on his own that the flame was dangerous. Jessie wanted to protect him. I have to admit that she was right. Very shortly after this picture, he had barely sniffed at it when Jessie rescued him (I was watching). Many of his whiskers had been burned off, and others were curled. His dark face fur was damaged as well. I hadn't even realised that they were being burned, and I supposed neither did he. Two weeks later it's looking almost all better. Since he didn't actually hurt himself, I don't think he learned anything either. *sigh*

791 x 527

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