USS Wintle web site
privacy notice

  1. Kinds of information collected

    Only through the "Guestbook", email, or web statistic gathering. The guestbook is on a separate site, not completely under my control, and will have its own privacy policies, which may be in opposition to mine.

  2. How long the information is retained.

    This information is retained indefinitely

  3. How it is used,

    For statistical analysis to better target the site's contents to the audience.

  4. The conditions under which the information may be shared,

    Information will only be shared in aggregate statistical format, except in the case of the guestbook. All entries there are in a public forum. Submissions of stories for publication on this website are understood to be made completely public, and will be attributed, unless the submitter requests anonymity.

  5. Who it might be shared with,

    This statistical data may be shared with colleagues, other similar web sites, the inquiring public, and the press.

  6. The conditions under which the information may be made available to the public, and

    Any inquiry from the public will be considered, however no personal quotes will be shared without the author's permission, unless deceased.

  7. Whether information is collected from children.

    No information other then macro-level statistical information is collected from children.

  8. In addition, the Privacy Statement shall specifically address:

    1. How email is handled

      Email is read by Mark Wintle and responded to personally. It is archived on my PC. Occasionally submitted email will be excerpted and "quoted" to other historians when researching a topic.

    2. The use of "cookies".

      This website does not currently use, distribute or inspect cookies. However the webmaster will occasionally eat them with milk.

    3. The Privacy Statement must accurately describe the information collection practices associated with the site and must be updated to reflect any changes in those practices.