Destroyer Escort
USS Wintle DE-25

Map of duty July 10, 1943 to November 28, 1945

  1. Red Operation Galvanic (21-Sep 1943 to 21-Jan 1944) -- San Fransisco / Mare Island Navy Yard to Pearl and back (convoys). SF to Pearl to Viti Levu, Fiji (convoy screen). Fiji to to Funafuti, Ellice (Tuvuli) Islands (oiler escort). Funafuti to Pearl (convoy screen). Practice off Hawaii (collision w/Dempsey, repairs at Pearl).
  2. Green Operation Flintlock (21-Jan to 2-March 1944) -- Pearl to Majuro, Marshall Islands (escort tank-landing ships). Leader of lagoon patrol. Escort oiler Caliente. ASW. Majuro to Kwajalein (escort ammo ship Sangay) to Pearl.
  3. Blue Third Fleet..."The Slot" (2-March to 21-Sep 1944) -- Pearl to The Gilberts (escort w/Stadtfeld) to Funafuti to Guadalcanal (still w/Stadtfeld), Solomon Is. Crisscross SW Pacific, esp Solomon to Admiralty Islands -- "The Slot" (escort tankers, transpots & cargomen). ASW excercises w/US subs.
  4. Yellow Patrol & Escort in the Palus (22-Sep to 15 Nov 1944) -- Manus to The Palus to Manus (tender Piedmont) to Palus. Patrol & escort. Relieved Buchanan. Starshelling over Ngeregong. Assist PC-1260 in collision w/ USS Kenmore.
  5. Black Saipan Patrol & Escort Force (28-Nov to 5-Feb 1945) -- Palus to Ulithi to Guam, Marianas. Patrol Guam to Saipan. Repulsed air raid on Saipan. Rescued downed B-29 crew near Nafutan Point. Two trips to Eniwetok and back.
  6. Violet Marshalls-Gilberts Escort Force (10-Feb to 17-June 1945) -- Guam to Eniwetok. Escort convoys Guam, Kwajalein, Eniwetok. Joined hunter/killer group. Exchanged gunfire w/Wotje Atoll. Air/sea rescue duty. Evac Jaluit. Eniwetok to Palaus to Ulithi (escort damaged Hazelwood and Rathburne) to Eniwetok. Resume Patrol & Escort duty.
  7. Orange Eniwetok-Marianas ASW, USS Kasaan Bay Hunter/Killer Group, US Return & Japanese Surrender (17-June to 1-July, 1-July to 8-July, 15-August 1945) -- Eniwetok ASW (w/ USS Levy). USS Endymion sub attack search. Joined USS Kasaan Bay Hunter/Killer Group between Eniwetok and Marianas. Relieved by USS Snyder. Eniwetok to Pearl to San Fransisco / Mare Island Navy Yard.

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